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Topic outline

  • Webinars, any topic, any time.

    Webinars on additional topics related to lameness examination

    • 1200 Horse Study on Clinical Considerations

      This presentation will offer an overview of the recent 1224 horse study published in JAVMA comparing inertial sensor measurement and final determination of lameness. The prevalence of multiple limb lameness will be emphasized, including causes, expected patterns of compensatory lameness, and how the distribution of lameness can guide the evaluation process.

      Speaker: Keven G. Keegan

      Presentation duration: 52:52

      • 20+ Years of Measuring Lameness in Horses

        On October 18th, Dr. Keegan presented the equine keynote address at the 2019 ACVS Surgery Summit in Las Vegas, NV.  The Equinosis team was gratified that our company founder and our friend received such an honor from his colleagues.  Dr. Keegan has worked tirelessly on lameness measurement with one objective -- to improve the care that he and his fellow equine veterinarians provide.  In just over an hour, he shared two decades of scientific discovery now being applied in the field.

        Speaker: Keven G. Keegan

        Presentation duration: 1:25:33

        • The Ridden Evaluation Part 1

          This session provides an overview of using the Equinosis Q rider module, including data collection guidelines, data interpretation and expected rider influences. Guidance is provided for those conducting ridden evaluations without the rider module.

          Speaker: Laurie Tyrell-Schroeder

          Presentation duration: 54:12

          • The Ridden Evaluation Part 2

            Presented by Christina Frigast , MRCVS, CERP, Equinosis Certified Practitioner, Independent Consultant, Eickemeyer, UK. This webinar offers practical applications and tips on using the Equinosis Q in the ridden evaluation. Case examples with report interpretation guidance included.

            Speaker: Christina Frigast

            Presentation duration: 57:59

            • Return on Investment with the Equinosis Q

              Equinosis CEO Andy Wolter and Christina Frigast, MRCVS, CERP, Equinosis Certified Practitioner, Independent Consultant, Eickemeyer, UK discuss maximizing return on investment and revenue generation for your practice using the Q, including guidance on how to charge for lameness measurement services and promote the system within your practice.

              Speakers: Laurie Tyrell-Schroeder, Christina Frigast, Andy Wolter

              Presentation duration: 54:53

              • Roundtable: Evaluating Diagnostic Analgesia

                Dr. Tyrrell-Schroeder begins the discussion with a brief overview of evaluating diagnostic blocks using the Equinosis Q, including how calculation of improvement is reported. The discussion then opens up to the panelists for their thoughts and experiences using objective measurement in the localization of lameness, including evaluating partial improvements, complicated presentations, odd results, considerations of clinically significant change and more.

                Speakers: Laurie Tyrell-Schroeder, John Schumacher, Michael Schramme, Kevin Keegan

                Presentation duration: 1:28:18

                • Optimizing Your Equinosis Q

                  This webinar offers tips on maximizing the utility of your Equinosis Q. Discussion includes tips on data interpretation, various applications in the field, and the ridden evaluation. Case examples included.

                  Speaker: Christina Frigast

                  Presentation duration: 1:07:43

                  • Case Study Hour: It's Not the Foot - Now what?

                    Speaker: Lucy Meehan

                    Presentation duration: 1:11:50

                    Dr. Meehan presents more complicated cases of forelimb lameness that don't block out to the foot.

                    • Case Study Hour: Proximal Suspensory Desmitis

                      Speaker: Sarah Taylor

                      Presentation duration: 1:20:40

                      • Mistakes Using the Q Part 1

                        Speaker: Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder

                        Presentation duration: 57:34

                        • Mistakes Using the Q Part 2

                          Speaker: Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder

                          Presentation duration: 1:14:17