The Quantification (Q) Score

the Q score is a summary of the side, timing and amplitude of the asymmetry. 

  • There is one Q score for forelimb and a combined Q score for hind limb (one for the pushoff component and one for the impact component). 
  • Note that Q Scores have no +/- sign.  The limb and timing in stride cycle is described directly – i.e. L/R (for Left or Right) and Imp/Mid/Push (for Impact, Midstance, or Pushoff) in forelimb and Imp or Push for hind limb.  
  • Q Scores do not assess variability. The user should still inspect lameness metric standard deviations (or the Trial AIDE statements) to understand the stride by stride consistency of asymmetry, which contributes to the overall evidence of lameness.

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